In an SDDC that is a member of an SDDC Group, you can use the Networking & Security Transit Connect tool to view routes learned and advertised by this SDDC in the VMware Transit Connect network created for the group.

In an SDDC group, all network traffic between group members travels over a VMware Transit Connect network. Routing between compute networks of all SDDCs in a group is managed automatically by VMware Transit Connect as subnets are added and deleted. The Transit Connect and SDDC Group tools provide information about routes over that network. For information about creating an SDDC group or adding an SDDC to one, see Creating and Managing SDDC Deployment Groups in the VMware Cloud on AWS Operations Guide.


  1. Log in to the VMC Console at
  2. On the Networking & Security tab, click Transit Connect, or just click the SDDC Group icon on the Overview page.
    The Transit Connect page displays lists of Routes Learned by this SDDC from other SDDCs in the group, and Routes Advertised by this SDDC to other SDDCs in the group. Click the download icon ( ) to download either list in CSV format.