The private virtual interface allows vMotion, ESXi management, management appliance, and workload traffic to flow over the Direct Connect connection between your on-premises environment and your SDDC.

Create one virtual interface for each Direct Connect link you want to make to your SDDC. For example, if you want to create two Direct Connect links for redundancy, create two virtual interfaces.

Each private virtual interface allows you to expose up to 16 logical segments to your on-premises infrastructure.



  1. Complete the other settings as described in Create a Hosted Virtual Interface.
  2. Accept the virtual interface in the VMC Console.

    Before you accept the virtual interface connection, it is visible to all SDDCs in your environment. After you accept the virtual interface in a particular SDDC, it is available only in that SDDC.

    1. Log in to the VMC Console.
    2. Select Networking & Security > System > Direct Connect.
    3. (Optional) Edit the default BGP Local ASN.

      Direct Connect sessions in VMC environment use the following default values for the BGP Local ASN: 17493 in the Asia Pacific (Singapore) region, 10124 in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) region, 9059 in the EU (Ireland) region, and 7224 in other regions.

      You can accept the default value, use the value of an ASN that you own, or pick a private ASN value in the range 64512 - 65534.


      If you are creating a new VIF and choose a private BGP local ASN, you cannot change the virtual interface later to use a pubic ASN. If you want to change an existing public ASN to a private ASN, you must first open the Network and Security tab and delete any AWS VIF that uses the existing public ASN.

    4. Next to the virtual interface you created, click Attach.
    5. Select I understand that I will be responsible for data transfer charges incurred for the interface and click Accept Virtual Interface.

      It can take up to 10 minutes for the BGP session to become active. When the connection is ready, the State shows as "Attached" and the BGP Status as "Up" in the VMC Console.

    6. Depending on your on-premise environment, the following BGP routes might appear.
      • Advertised BGP Routes: List of advertised BGP routes over Direct Connect from the SDDC to the on-premise environment.

      • Learned BGP Routes: List of learned BGP routes over Direct Connect from the on-premise environment to the SDDC.

What to do next

Ensure the vMotion interfaces are configured to use Direct Connect. See Configure vMotion Interfaces for Use with Direct Connect.