The Managing the VMware Cloud on AWS Data Center documentation explains how to configure and manage your VMware Cloud on AWS software-defined data center (SDDC) and the virtual machines that run in it.

Intended Audience

This information was written for administrators who have a basic understanding of configuring and managing vSphere in an on-premises environment and are familiar with VMware virtualization concepts. In-depth knowledge of Amazon Web Services is not required.

vSphere Management in VMware Cloud on AWS

After you complete the initial configuration of your VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC and its networks, you can create resource pools and folders, add a vCenter Single Sign-On identity source, and perform other operations that you might already be familiar with from an on-premises environment. You can also use hybrid linked mode to view and manage your on-premises vCenter Server and the one in your VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC with a common set of user identities.