For each object in the object hierarchy, you can check whether you have CloudAdmin or CloudGlobalAdmin permissions on that object. You can view the privileges that are associated with the CloudAdmin and with the CloudGlobalAdmin role from the vSphere Client.


  1. Select an object in the object hierarchy, for example a resource pool or virtual machine, and click Permissions.

    You see the CloudAdmin or the CloudGlobalAdmin role is assigned to users in the CloudAdminGroup.

  2. You can then view the privileges associated with each group.
    1. On the vSphere Client Home page, click Administration.
    2. Under Access Control, click Roles.
    3. Click the CloudAdmin role or click the CloudGlobalAdmin role.
    4. Click the Privileges tab on the right.


You can scroll through the list of privileges to see the privileges that the Cloud Administrator has. See for a detailed list of all vSphere privileges.