vCenter Server logs events, alarms and recent tasks You can VMware Cloud on AWS events, alarms, and tasks from the vSphere Client.

  • Events are records of user actions or system actions that occur on objects in vCenter Server or on a host.

  • Alarms are notifications that are activated in response to an event, a set of conditions, or the state of an inventory object.

See the vSphere Monitoring and Performance documentation for details.


  1. To view the Event Console, select Menu > Events.

    You can select events and view details, order the console display, and click Next to display earlier events.

  2. To view the Task Console, select Menu > Tasks.

    You can select tasks and view details and releated events, order the console display, and click Next to display earlier tasks.

  3. Alarms are displayed in several ways.
    • Any object that has an associated alarm shows an alarm icon in the object hierarchy. Select the object's Summary tab to see details.

    • If you select Alarms at the bottom of the vSphere Client, you can display recent alarms and recent tasks. Click the related object to examine it.


      If the object with the alarm is a linked vCenter Server system, it is possible that you cannot examine that object if the issue is serious.