VMware Cloud on AWS includes detailed in-product help for answering many of your questions. In addition, you can search VMware Cloud on AWS documentation, or vSphere documentation.


Not all the information in the vSphere documentation set applies to VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware takes care of many of the data center management tasks, such as setting up DRS or HA, for you.

The following documents offer information specific to VMware Cloud on AWS:

  • VMware Cloud on AWS Getting Started helps you understand how VMware Cloud on AWS works and how to set up networking from the console, and includes other onboarding tasks.

  • Managing Virtual Machines in VMware Cloud on AWS gives step-by-step instructions for creating and cloning virtual machines and virtual machine templates. It also explains how to install and customize the guest operating system, and how to set up content libraries.

  • Managing the VMware Cloud on AWS Data Center explains how to set up, examine, and configure the components of your VMware Cloud on AWS data center. This documentation includes information on setting up Hybrid Linked Mode.

To view documentation:

  • Go to docs.vmware.com.

  • Use search and filters to find the information you need.

You can also go to the VMware Cloud on AWS documentation center directly.