A Single Host Starter SDDC is created with a single routed network segment named sddc-cgw-network-1. This network uses CIDR block, unless that conflicts with the CIDR block you chose for the SDDC management network. In that case, the default network uses CIDR block

Multi-host SDDCs are not created with a default network segment, so you must create at least one for your workload VMs. You can use the VMC Console to create additional network segments or delete ones that are no longer in use.


  1. Create a Network Segment.
    You can skip this step if you're using a single-host starter SDDC and want to use its default segment.
  2. Add or Modify Compute Gateway Firewall Rules.
    By default, the compute gateway blocks traffic to all uplinks. You'll need to add Compute Gateway firewall rules to allow your workload VMs to communicate outside the segment to which they are attached.

What to do next

After you have created the logical network segment, you're ready to connect workload VMs to it. If you want, you can configure additional per-segment features such as DNS zones and DHCP relay.