VMware Cloud on AWS, powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, integrates VMware flagship compute, storage, and network virtualization products—VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, and VMware NSX—along with VMware vCenter Server management. It optimizes them to run on elastic, bare-metal AWS infrastructure. With the same architecture and operational experience on premises and in the cloud, IT teams can now get instant business value via the AWS and VMware hybrid cloud experience.

The VMware Cloud on AWS solution enables customers to have the flexibility to treat their private cloud and public cloud as equal partners and to easily transfer workloads between them—for example, to move applications from DevTest to production or burst capacity. Users can leverage the global AWS footprint while getting the benefits of elastically scalable SDDC clusters, a single bill from VMware for its tightly integrated software plus AWS infrastructure, and on-demand or subscription services. For more information, visit our VMware Cloud on AWS Resources page.

VMware vSphere, regardless of whether it is on-premises or in the VMware Cloud, provides an ideal platform for business-critical applications, including databases, ERP systems, email servers, and emerging technologies such as Hadoop. A full discussion of the benefits is included in the whitepaper “Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications on vSphere.”

A business-critical application that is often run on vSphere today is Microsoft SQL Server, which is “one of the most widely deployed database platforms in the world, with many organizations having dozens or even hundreds of instances deployed in their environments” Consolidating these deployments onto modern multi-socket, multi-core, multi-threaded server hardware as virtual machines on vSphere is an effective solution.

VMware Cloud on AWS is ideal for customers looking to migrate their SQL databases to the public cloud or extend the capacity of their data centers for existing applications that leverage SQL Server.

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