Management of the Cloud SDDC can be done via the user interface using Application Programming Interface (API) or PowerCLI. Due to the adjusted role based access control, the customer cloud administrator cannot configure infrastructure components such as hosts or vCenter via API calls or PowerCLI commands. They can only use the API calls to retrieve information about these components. However, the cloud administrator is able to use API calls or PowerCLI commands to deploy new VM workloads in the SDDC.

Due to the DRS resource pool structure, virtual machines folder structure, and vSAN datastore structure it is necessary to specify these elements during virtual machines-focused commands. Please review existing scripts and adjust them accordingly. Example code snippets and scripts are available on the VMware Cloud on AWS Dev Center.

Read-only host operations are mediated through vCenter such as vSphere API calls and the execution of PowerCLI and ESXCLI commands.

The vSphere API Explorer is operational through the vCenter Server. Access the vSphere Automation API methods through API Explorer, Datacenter CLI, PowerCLI (Get-CisService), vSphere Automation SDKs (Python, Ruby, Perl, .NET, Java, REST). In addition, the vSphere SOAP APIs are functional, along with the SOAP-based SDKs and Managed Object Browser.

Please note that the API is limited to basic operational tasks, including inventory operations focused on cluster/datastore/folder/host/network, basic virtual machines administration (create, delete, modify, power on/off).

The service REST API endpoint exists here. Functionality includes:

VMware Cloud on AWS Service Operations

Create/show/delete SDDC

ESXi Host Add/remove host
VPN Create/show/modify/remove
Firewall Rules Create/show/modify/delete/reorder
Public IP Allocate/show/remove

NSX API Access for Automation

VMware Cloud on AWS provides customers’ access to a subset of the VMware NSX APIs for automation of Network and Security tasks. Customers can easily automate provisioning of the SDDC, establish VPN tunnels, and configure firewall rulesets through the NSX API set. Once configuration of the SDDC is complete, the NSX API set allows customers to create new logical networks, connect virtual machines to logical networks, and provide external access to VMs.

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