A Cloud SDDC can contain up to 20 clusters. VMware manages the vSphere HA, DRS, and vSAN settings for the customer so the customer cloud administrator has a read-only view of the cluster configuration settings. There are options to configure per-VM DRS rules, such as VM-VM anti-affinity and VM-Host affinity rules using Compute Policies.

In a cluster, two vSphere DRS resource pools are created. The resource pool named Mgmt-ResourcePool contains the management virtual machines and is configured with a CPU and memory resource reservation. The customer cloud administrator has a read-only view of the virtual machine and resource pool settings of the management resource pool.

Customer workload virtual machines are placed in the resource pool named Compute-ResourcePool. By default, this customer workload resource pool is not configured with CPU and memory resource reservations, giving the customer cloud administrator full control access rights over this resource pool.

VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC Cluster Permissions

Cluster Configuration Settings

Read-only view
Per-VM HA/DRS Settigns Not-Available
DRS Affinity Rules Not-Available
Management Resource Pool Read-only view
Workload Resource Pool Full VM and RP Permissions
Nested Resource Pools Available*

*Nested resource pools should not be used as a substitute for a folder structure in the inventory view. The technical paper “DRS Cluster Management with Reservation and Shares” provides guidance on how to structure nested resource pools.

Multiple Cluster Support

By default, a Cloud SDDC contains a single cluster. If the customer chooses to create a new cluster of hosts inside the Cloud SDDC, the additional cluster will then be created in the same AWS Availability Zone. Additional clusters also have the ability to use R5.metal hosts instead of i3.metal hosts. R5.metal hosts use Amazon EBS storage instead of local NVMe flash drives which be scaled up in 5TB increments form 15TB to 35TB. 

Detailed procedural information on SDDC cluster management can be found in the Managing SDDC Hosts and Clusters documentation.

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