VMware NSX is a key ingredient for VMware Cloud on AWS. All virtual machine networking in VMware Cloud on AWS is provided by NSX and provides compatibility with NSX and vSphere products used on-premises. The networking technologies used in VMware Cloud on AWS represent a jointly engineered solution between VMware and Amazon that allows vSphere and NSX to optimally work in the AWS environment.

Amazon has enhanced AWS infrastructure to enable the VMware Cloud on AWS service. Similar to every other key infrastructure component of the Cloud SDDC, it is delivered as a service cloud model and allows frequent introductions of additional networking capabilities. The customer is not required to run NSX on-premises to connect to the Cloud SDDC. NSX in the Cloud SDDC connects the ESXi hosts to the AWS infrastructure and abstract AWS VPC networks for the customer cloud administrator.

With VMware Cloud on AWS, the customer connects to VMware Cloud on AWS by using a L3 VPN IPSEC Connection, L2 VPN, or AWS Direct Connect. Layer 2-network connectivity enables customers to migrate workload without changing IP addresses of virtual machines, enabling support for vMotion (bandwidth and latency permitting) migration both to and from the Cloud SDDC clusters. L2 VPN connectivity provided by VMware Cloud on AWS follows a prescriptive infrastructure model.

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