All virtual machines running inside the Cloud SDDC consume storage capacity and leverage storage services from vSAN. Management workloads and the workloads belonging to a single VMware Cloud on AWS customer, are located on the same vSAN cluster. However, when using vSAN with a VMware Cloud SDDC, vSAN can provide two logical datastores instead of one. One of these datastores will be used to store the management virtual machines and the other datastore will be used for the customer virtual machines.

The customer cloud administrator has a read-only view to the management virtual machines datastore and to browse the datastore, but has read/write access to the workload datastore. By default, the default storage policy is applied to both the management vSAN datastore and the customer WorkloadDatastore.

VMware monitors the health and performance of the vSAN datastore, as a result vSAN Health Monitoring and vSAN Performance Service are not available to the Cloud Administrator.

More details can be found in the VMware Cloud on AWS Storage documentation.

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