Hybrid Linked Mode allows you to link your VMware Cloud on AWS vCenter Server instance with an on-premises vCenter Server instance.

Using Hybrid Linked Mode, you can:

  • Log in to the vCenter Server instance in your SDDC using your on-premises credentials.
  • View and manage the inventories of both your on-premises and Cloud SDDC from a single vSphere Client interface.
  • Cold migrate workloads between your on-premises data center and Cloud SDDC.

Due to the adjusted operational model, Hybrid Linked Mode will not replicate all objects and permissions from the on-premises SDDC to the Cloud SDDC.

For example:

  • Tags will be uni-directional from on-premises to VMware Cloudon AWS
  • Certificates are bi-directional
  • Lookup is uni-directional from on-premises to VMware Cloud on AWS

Hybrid Cloud Linked Mode supports embedded and external VMware Platform Services Controller (PSC) on-premises. If the on-premises workload is distributed across multiple vSphere SSO domains, it is recommended to consolidate these workloads into an infrastructure managed by one vSphere SSO domain.

Hybrid Linked Mode supports on-premises deployment of multiple vCenters configured in a single sign-on domain. vCenters version must be VCSA 6.5 patch D and above. Hybrid Linked Mode extends the on-premises vSphere Single Sign-On domain to the VMware Cloud on AWS, providing the ability to use the same identity used on-premises.

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