Once you have created a VMware Cloud on AWS account and created an ‘Organization’, it is time to explore the user interface (UI). The main UI for all VMware Cloud Services is known as the Cloud Console. This is also where other information is located, such as Organization based management, billing and subscription access, support, and individual user account access.

Cloud Console Walkthrough

The Cloud Console can be accessed by loging on to https://console.cloud.vmware.com and there are a number of tabs categorizing different functionality available within the VMware Cloud Services.

VMware Cloud Console Welcome Screen


The Cloud Console Services tab shows what you already have access to, like VMware Cloud on AWS, and other services you have the ability to request for use. Each tile can be interacted with, allowing you to access the service or to request access to the services.

Identity & Access Management

The Identity & Access Management tab is where user and group permissions are configured. This area can also be used to invite new users and remove users from the system.

Billing & Subscriptions

The Billing & Subscriptions tab is used for billing and payment information. Current costs, card payments and credits can all be shown in this area.

Support Center

The Support Center tab can be used to help find documentation or log VMware support requests. These requests are linked to a VMware ID will be required to use this feature.

VMware Cloud on AWS Walkthrough

There are two ways to access the VMware Cloud on AWS service.

  1. Under 'My Services' on the main VMware Cloud Console, click 'VMware Cloud on AWS'
  2. From anywhere within the service, click on the 9 box icon in the top right of the UI, then select 'VMware Cloud on AWS'

Once on the main VMware Cloud on AWS UI, you will find five main tabs, SDDCs, Subscriptiosn, Activity Log, Tools and Development Center.


The SDDCs tab shows all of the SDDCs deployed in the organization. For each SDDC deployed some basic information is shown, including, Name, Region, Status and Hardware Allocation. Additionally, there are links for more details and operations that can be performed on the SDDC.


The Subscriptions tab shows the existing scubscriptions that are active for the organization. A subscription is used to pre-pay for hardware at a reduced cost compared to using VMware Cloud on AWS in an on-demand manor.

Activity Log

The Activity Log tab shows a list of the recent tasks that have been performed against all SDDCs within the organization. The task details include: type, time, SDDC, username and associated event.


The Tools tab gived easy access to tools, such as the Content Onboarding Assistant, the DCLI bundle and the vCenter Cloud Gateway. The tools are designed to make using the VMware Cloud on AWS service easier.

Developer Center

The Developer Center tab provies a range of information and downloads to help learn the automation and integration development options available. There are code samples, an API Explrer and other tools to quickly get you up to speed.

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