Now that we have become familiar with the Cloud Console UI, the next step is to deploy a new Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). We will walk through the steps it takes to deploy an SDDC and then thoroughly test out the features is contains. For this evaluation, we will be configuring a single-host SDDC, however this can be expanded later to accomodate production workloads.

SDDC Properties

  1. After logging onto the VMware Cloud Console and selecting VMware Cloud on AWS, click CREATE SDDC from the SDDCs tab.
  2. The Create SDDC dialog box will apear. Select the AWS Region where you wish to deploy your SDDC.
  3. For this evaluation, leave the Deployment type as Single Host.
    • For a Stretched Cluster deployment, choose “Multi-Host” and check the box for Stretched Cluster. If you wish to evaluate Stretched Clusters, this should be selected here as existing SDDCs can not changed into Stretched Clusters
  4. Choose a name for your SDDC and then click NEXT

Connect to AWS

SDDC deployments are required to connect to an AWS account, regardless of whether the you intend to leverage AWS Services with the VMware SDDC service or not. With single host deployments evaluations, you have the option to skip the account association process for up to 14 days after an SDDC has been deployed.

  1. Leave the option as "Skip for now" and click NEXT.

The SDDCs tab, you will see reminders of how many days are remaining before an AWS account has to be connected. The AWS Account Linking section details how to configure this once your SDDC has been provisioned.

Configure Network

In order to interact between your VPC and on-premises environment, you must ensure that the management and compute networks in VMware Cloud on AWS do not overlap subnets in either location.

  1. Input the desired subnet for the Management network.
    • Note: The default subnet of ‘’ will be used if one is not entered.
  2. Select ‘DEPLOY SDDC’ 

The SDDC will begin to deploy and should be ready for use in roughly two hours.

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