Assignment of CPU resources is vital for CPU-intensive application workloads. Note the CPU capabilities of the AWS server hardware in your SDDC and the physical NUMA configuration of your new servers as they might differ from your on-premises physical servers.

  1. i3: 36 physical cores, no Hyper-threading, Intel Xeon E5-2686 v4 (Broadwell), 2,3 GHz; 512 GiB RAM; two physical NUMA nodes– 18 cores/256GB RAM each.
  2. i3en: 48 physical cores with Hyper-threading enabled (total of 96 logical cores), Intel Xeon Platinum 8200 series (Cascade Lake), 768GiB RAM, and approximately 45.84 TiB raw storage capacity per host. Two physical NUMA nodes, 24 cores/384 GB RAM each.

NOTE: The list above is subject to change once a new hardware will be introduced to VMware Cloud on AWS. Recheck the documentation for your SDDC for the server model in use.

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