It’s recommended to first migrate all VMs hosting secondary replica(s), saving the primary replica VM host for last. Refer to the detailed step-by-step guide in Standalone SQL Server Migration to migrate the workload. It’s also useful to do the following while working with the vMotion wizard:

  • Step 4: Select the folder created within your target SDDC for workload hosting.
  • Step 5: Select the network port group, which is based on an L2 VPN network. If such network is not available, the database must use asynchronous-commit mode and the VM IP address must be changed after migration.


Ensure that the vMotion operation completes successfully:


Following the steps as outlined above, proceed with the migration of VMs hosting other secondary replicas. Proceed with the migration of a VM hosting primary replica, again following the steps outlined above. Verify that all VMs are migrated, located in the correct vSphere folder, and are in running state:

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