Hybrid Linked Mode allows you to link your VMware Cloud on AWS vCenter Server instance with an on-premises vCenter Single Sign-On domain.

Using Hybrid Linked Mode, you can:

  • View and manage the inventories of both your on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS data centers from a single vSphere Client interface, accessed using your on-premises credentials.
  • Migrate workloads between your on-premises data center and cloud SDDC.
  • Share tags and tag categories from your vCenter Server instance to your cloud SDDC.

You have two options for configuring Hybrid Linked Mode. You can use only one of these options at a time.

  • You can install the vCenter Cloud Gateway Appliance and use it to link from your on-premises data center to your cloud SDDC. In this case, SSO users and groups are mapped from your on-premises environment to the SDDC and you do not need to add an identity source to the SDDC LDAP domain.
  • You can link your VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC to your on-premises vCenter Server. In this case, you must add an identity source to the SDDC LDAP domain.

NOTE: HCX can also be used to migrate standalone SQL Server workload.




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