we will add back the migrated nodes of the cluster and will validate the cluster functionality. The operation includes several steps.


Step 1. Re-add nodes back to the cluster

Step 2. Validate the configuration of the cluster

Step 3. Resume user access

Step 1. Power on the migrated VM, node of the cluster (one VM at a time if the cluster has more than two nodes), and ensure that the node status is “Up” in the Failover Cluster Manager console.



Step 2. Proceed with all remaining nodes, one at a time. After all nodes will be re added back to the cluster, validate the windows failover cluster configuration. Ensure that the cluster.log and Windows Event Log report no errors. Move the SQL Server role to a new re-added node and ensure that the SQL Server instance is accessible.


Step 3. Resume the user access. Ensure that the application(s) using SQL Server instance(s) are migrated as well. Consider to use vRNI to check the application dependencies if required.

With finishing this operation you completed the migration of a SQL Server FCI with shared disks to the VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.

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