Rollback plan should be applied after verifying the application functionality on the first migrated node. Do not proceed with the migration of other nodes of the cluster at this point. All nodes still located on-premises must be powered off.

  1. Login to Windows OS on the VM migrated to SDDC (“SQL-DB1Node01” in our example).
  2. Shutdown the cluster using the Failover Cluster Manager Console.
  3. Shutdown guest OS (within Guest OS).
  4. On the VM “SQL-DB1Node01 “: Remove all shared vmdk (migrated to VMDKs from pRDMs). Only non-shared disks should be retained.
  5. Use a reverse migration to move a VM back to on-premises. Use the required network port-group and datastore(s) for non-shared disks.
  6. Edit the configuration of the migrated VM. Add shared disk resources back by selecting “Existing Hard Disk” and using pRDMs pointer file. Ensure to use the same SCSI IDs while re-adding shared disks.
  7. Start VMs one at a time, starting with non-migrated VMs.
  8. Check the windows failover cluster configuration and the application functionality.
  9. Reconfigure DRS Anti-affinity rules and groups.
  10. You have finished the roll-back plan.
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