A logical design describes all technical decisions made and addresses identified technical requirements while minimizing risk. The level of detail included should be sufficient to create an implementation guide for the solution. While specifics of each logical design are unique, it’s important to ensure all technical prerequisites are met. The following prerequisites have been identified as crucial to the successful migration of SQL Server workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS:

  • For on-premises-located VMs, ESXi hosts, and/or vSphere clusters hosting SQL server workloads, check and document all advanced settings configured. Ensure corresponding options are available in VMware Cloud on AWS. For example, DRS anti-affinity groups and rules must be re-created in an SDDC as they cannot be migrated.

  • Check the Hybrid Migration with vMotion Checklist and ensure all requirements are met.

  • If VMware HCX will be used to migrate the workload, review the HCX in the VMware Cloud on AWS document and ensure that all requirements are met.

  • Configure L2 VPN between the on-premises and the SDDC and ensure all required VM networks will be stretched. VMware NSX® Edge™ is required to be deployed on-premises to serve as a client for the L2 VPN setup. HCX can be used as an alternative way to provide L2 network extension.

  • Ensure that the Hybrid Linked Mode will be configured to allow managing both on-premises and public SDDCs within a single vSphere Client interface.

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