VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) abstracts on-premises versus cloud notions and presents capabilities to virtual machines (VMs) as a continuous hybrid cloud.

There are four different HCX migration types, which are briefly summarized below:



Figure : HCX Migration Types


Each of the four methods referenced above can be used to migrate standalone Oracle workloads, per SLA requirements.

HCX Replication-Assisted vMotion® (RAV) is a new migration method that combines the benefits of both HCX bulk migration (i.e., parallel operations, resiliency, and scheduling) and HCX vMotion (i.e., zero downtime VM-state migration).

Migration begins with the replication of the VM's disks. As is true for bulk migration, VMs can be moved in parallel with the switchover configurable on a schedule.

During the RAV switchover phase, vMotion is engaged for migrating the disk delta data and VM state.

More details on HCX migration types can be found here.


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