Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) is a storage policy framework that helps administrators match VM workload requirements against storage capabilities. SPBM runs as an independent service in the vCenter Server and helps to align storage with application demands of virtual machines.

SPBM enables the following mechanisms:

  • Advertisement of storage capabilities and data services that storage arrays and other entities, such as I/O filters
  • Bidirectional communications between ESXi and vCenter Server on one side, and storage arrays and entities on the other
  • Virtual machine provisioning based on VM storage policies

Administrators build policies by selecting the desired capabilities of the underlying storage array. The SPBM engine interprets the storage requirements of individual applications specified in policies associated with individual VMs and dynamically composes the storage service placing the VM on the right storage tier, allocating capacity, and instantiating the necessary data services (snapshots, replication, etc.).

SPBM integrates with vSAN to discover the capabilities the vSAN setup offers and presents the administrators options to author storage policies custom-made for the workload requirement

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