VMware Cloud on AWS allows users to create vSphere-based data centers (SDDCs) on AWS. Each deployed SDDC includes VMware ESXi™ hosts, VMware vCenter Server®, VMware vSAN™, VMware NSX® components and other software. The same HTML5-based vSphere Client vSphere Client is used to manage a SDDC once deployed.

One can rapidly and easily migrate Application workloads by extending on-premises data centers running VMware SDDC to VMware Cloud on AWS using vSphere vMotion technology and back with

  • NO VM conversions
  • NO Application refactoring and hence NO Application downtime
  • NO Networking changes with L2VPN capability between on-prem SDDC and VMware Cloud on AWS

This is key as some cloud providers require some level of refactoring to achieve the above which is not the case here , thereby saving a lot of time, effort and man-hours to trying to plan migrations between on-prem and the Cloud.

Planning and designing phase is very important to ensure that migrations of mission critical application workloads to the VMware Cloud on AWS complete without negatively impacting application SLAs or affecting the performance, availability, manageability and scalability of the workloads. This document summarizes architectural guidelines which will help enterprises when planning a migration.

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