Oracle OLTP Workload

SLOB is an Oracle workload generator designed to stress test storage I/O capability, specifically for Oracle Database using OLTP workload. SLOB is not a traditional transactional benchmark tool. It is used to validate performance of the storage subsystem without application contention.


SLOB and Database Configuration

  • Database VM with a 32GB SLOB schema

  • SLOB parameter UPDATE_PCT set to 100 to reflect very heavy I/O workload

  • Think Time was set 0 to hit database with maximum requests concurrently to generate extremely intensive batch workload

  • SLOB parameter SCALE for the workload set to 32GB with Oracle SGA set to 32GB

  • SLOB parameter REDO_STRESS for the workload set to HEAVY

  • SLOB parameter RUN_TIME set to 30 minutes


Detailed SLOB configuration is included in Appendix C: SLOB Configuration


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