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A complete introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS can be found in many places. There are white papers, blogs, videos, and presentations available from VMware, Amazon, and others. A great place to find many of these resources is on the VMware Cloud on AWS Resources page. 

Summarized, VMware Cloud on AWS is a full VMware vSphere cloud that is deployed, ready, and running on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure. It runs directly on the servers with no additional layers between vSphere and the bare-metal system. It is automatically deployed and configured with the current version of vSphere, using vSAN for storage, and NSX for networking. It is a hybrid cloud solution that can be connected to your onsite datacenter. Existing VMs can be migrated via vMotion into the new VMware Cloud on AWS over this connection, which means you can easily add more capacity to your existing vSphere cluster.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a market leader in cloud computing and provides an incredibly easy and attractive way to quickly build out new capacity and new applications. The high availability and easy ability to scale resources at AWS provides many customers with great options for running their applications that were not possible in the past.

Oracle databases have long been a key part of many enterprises. These databases can be used to scale to meet almost any performance requirements in the market. Oracle’s longtime position as a leader of database software and partnerships with many other companies in the industry have resulted in an exceptional track record for supporting business-critical applications. As a result, many customers use Oracle Database software to support crucial business functions that require the highest levels of availability and performance.

The combination of VMware vSphere with AWS provides a robust cloud environment for running business-critical applications like Oracle databases, and this provides you with new options for supporting your business needs.