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We used the workload from the open-source benchmark DVD Store 3. DVD Store simulates an online store that allows customers to log on, search for DVDs, read reviews from other customers, rate the helpfulness of reviews, and purchase DVDs. DVD Store uses many common database features to support these operations, including tables, indexes, triggers, stored procedures, transactions, foreign keys, simple queries, and complex multi-join queries. The benchmark includes a client program that generates load against the database by simulating the actions of users on the site. Each simulated user thread does the full set of steps for a user from logon through purchase. The workload reports throughput in orders per minute (OPM).

For each test configuration, the number of user threads was increased with each iteration until the throughput reached its maximum level. We observed the maximum throughput corresponded to a host CPU utilization of between 90 and 99 percent.

DVD Store 3 allows for any size database to be created. For these tests, a database with approximately 140 GB of on-disk size was used.