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Scale-up performance testing entails testing to see how a single VM performs from small configurations up to larger and larger configurations. We performed scale-up tests with a VM configured with 8 vCPUs, up to 64 vCPUs. The DVD Store driver, which ran on a separate VM with 18 vCPUs, generated the load. The load-driver VM and the Oracle database VM both ran in the VMware Cloud on AWS, but were on different physical hosts in that cloud.

The results show good scaling from about 30,000 OPM with an 8 vCPU VM to just over 101,000 OPM with a 32 vCPU VM (Figure 4). 

Oracle DB VM scale-up performance - adding processors

 Figure 4. Oracle DB VM scale-up performance (adding processors)

The physical servers in this cloud were two-socket servers with 18 cores per socket, resulting in 36 cores total.  Once a VM in this environment exceeded 36 vCPUs, it began to use hyperthreads for some of its vCPUs.  Because hyperthreads are two logical threads running on a single physical core, the performance gain is usually about 15 to 30 percent. In this case, the performance scaling from 32 vCPUs to 64 vCPUs was in that range at about 25 percent. This is because almost all of the additional vCPUs were supported through the use of hyperthreads.