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Another way to measure performance is with multiple VMs running at the same time, which is known as scale-out performance. The setup is the same as the previous single VM scale-up tests, but the workload driver system now spreads the worker threads across a number of target VMs simultaneously. The database VMs are spread out across the cluster as well, based on the best load balancing as determined by vSphere’s Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS). The total number of OPM achieved across all the Oracle Database VMs is then reported for each set of VMs.

Currently, VMware Cloud on AWS supports up to 30 hosts per cluster and up to 10 clusters per SDDC. In these tests, we used one cluster with only 4 hosts in our SDDC. The performance of the scale-out tests is largely due to the number of hosts. If more hosts were added to the SDDC, then more VMs could be run and the total amount of throughput achieved would be higher. An  SDDC with more physical hosts would be capable of achieving higher scale-out performance than what we measured with the 4 host SDDC for these tests.