While you are ordering an SDDC, in the Network section, you configure four IP subnets.

You cannot change the configurations after you finish the ordering process. Therefore, ensure that these network configurations are accurate before placing the order.

The four IP subnets are:
  • Org Cloud Management Network
  • VeloCloud SD-WAN IP Address
  • Out-of-Band Management Network
  • SDDC Management Network
Figure 1. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Networking

Org Cloud Management Network

The Org Cloud Management Network is a /24 subnet and there is only one Org Cloud Management Network for an organization. This subnet should not be in use within your network and not be routable from your network.

The Org Cloud Management Network is a dedicated AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network, which is used for automated life-cycle management and monitoring. The VMware site reliability engineers use this network for life-cycle management, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

VeloCloud SD-WAN IP Address

A pair of SD-WAN VeloCloud devices is part of the rack. The VeloCloud SD-WAN network establishes an encrypted tunnel to connect securely and manage the VMWare Cloud on Dell EMC deployment. You can assign the IP address through static or DHCP. If you are using static IP addressing, you must provide a single IP address that can route to the Internet.

To enable this network connection, your firewall should allow traffic through the ports, TCP 443 and UDP 2426, and establish a tunnel from VeloCloud to secure VeloCloud gateways on the Internet. VeloCloud should have access to the DNS IPs and on the UDP port 53.

Out-of-Band Management Network

VMware engineers use the out-of-band management network for troubleshooting by connecting directly to the out-of-management ports of all hardware components in the rack. This subnet should not be in use within your network and not be routable in your network. The size of this subnet is /24.

SDDC Management Network

The SDDC Management Network is a /23 CIDR block, which must be routable in your network. This network is used for VMware ESXi management interfaces, vCenter Server, and such other related virtual appliances.