Deactivate TKGs in an SDDC cluster if you no longer need Tanzu workload management features in the cluster.


You must be logged in to the as a user with a VMware Cloud Services Service Role of Administrator or Administrator (Delete Restricted).


Deactivating TKGs on an SDDC cluster deletes its Tanzu supervisor cluster along with all namespaces, workloads, and persistent volumes. Before you deactivate TKGs, back up or relocate any critical workloads, workload data, or application data.


  1. Log in to the VMC Console at
  2. On the Inventory page, click SDDCs and select the SDDC where you want to deactivate TKGs .
  3. Remove any firewall rules that reference segments in a Tanzu workspace.
    This includes the Distributed Firewall Rule described in #GUID-52B598B0-9B53-4A16-834D-BC590E548767.
  4. Click ACTIONS and select Deactivate Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.
    Deactivating Tanzu causes these events in the SDDC vCenter Server.
    • All Tanzu workloads in the cluster are stopped.
    • The Tanzu supervisor cluster is deleted.
    • All namespaces in the supervisor cluster are deleted.
    • All persistent volumes (VMDKs) associated with supervisor namespaces or TKGs clusters are deleted.
    Select all the checkboxes to confirm that you understand the consequences of this action, then click Deactivate Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.