You can access NSX Manager through the Internet.


You must add your IP address with /32 to the public IP allowlist. For detailed steps on how to add the IP allowlist, see Add IP Allowlist for Accessing vCenter and NSX Manager.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Services Console at
  2. Launch the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC service.
  3. Click the SDDC name or expand your SDDC and click View Details.
    If you have multiple SDDCs, you can Search Your SDDC.
  4. To log in to NSX Manager using the LDAP authentication, click Open NSX Manager.
    Alternatively, you can access NSX Manager through the LDAP authentication by navigating to the Settings tab and then clicking the URL under Access NSX Manager via the Internet.
    The Open NSX Manager window appears.
  5. Click Access via The Internet.


NSX Manager opens in a new tab, and you are logged in automatically.