You use resource pools to compartmentalize all resources in a cluster.

After you order an SDDC using the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC portal, two resource pools are available:
  • Management Resource Pool: Contains vCenter Server and NSX, which VMware manages.
  • Compute Resource Pool: You create child resource pools and manage them.
    When deploying both management and user resources in the same SDDC, create the following child resource pools within the compute resource pool to manage your Horizon deployments:
    • Management resource pool: Manages Horizon deployments and connection servers.
    • User resource pool: Horizon users to manage the desktop pools and published applications.


  1. Use the vSphere Web Client to log in to a vCenter Server instance.
  2. Expand SDDC Datacenter, right-click Compute-ResourcePool, and select New Resource Pool.
  3. Create management and user resource pools.
    For example, create the management and user resource pools, Horizon Management Resource Pool and Horizon User Resource Pool, respectively.
  4. Enter other required information and click OK.


The resource pools you created are listed under SDDC Datacenter > Compute-ResourcePool.