VMware Cloud services have multiple disaster recovery mechanisms to recover from multiple concurrent failures. Redundancy and blast isolation are built into the architecture to ensure a high availability of the VMware Cloud services including regional independence, separation of console availability, and customer service availability.

VMware monitors the infrastructure and services on which VMware Cloud services depend, and if there is a failure, receives notifications.

According to VMware business impact analysis, dependencies on third parties are documented to ensure that there are appropriate business continuity measures. As a customer, you can report a disaster using self-service or call the VMware global support team. VMware reviews the customer-reported events and determines whether the event meets the disaster criteria.

The VMware Enterprise-Independent Attestation process reviews the business continuity plans and documentation annually. The VMware ISMS is based on the ISO 27001 framework. VMware third-party auditors review the business continuity and redundancy plans in accordance with the industry standards including ISO 27001. VMware furnishes audit reports under an NDA.