You can remove any cluster from an SDDC except for Cluster-1.


  • The SDDC must be activated.
  • Migrate any workload VMs that you want to keep to another cluster in the SDDC.
  • Make a copy of any data that you want to retain.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Services Console at
  2. Launch the VMware Cloud on Dell service.
  3. Click the SDDC name or expand your SDDC and click View Details.
    The Order VMware Cloud on Dell EMC SDDC form appears. The Summary tab displays a card for each cluster that is already added to the SDDC.
  4. On the card for the cluster that you want to remove, click Delete Cluster.
    The Delete <cluster name> screen appears.
  5. Select a cluster to which you want to move the hosts.
    To delete a cluster, you must move the hosts to a different cluster.
  6. Click Confirm and Delete Cluster.
    Note: You cannot retrieve a deleted cluster.