Your SDDC order passes through various stages of the ordering process flow and the status of the SDDC changes accordingly. After you place the SDDC order, VMware verifies the order and begins the provisioning tasks such as assigning the hardware and updating various hardware and software configurations. The rack is assembled based on the specifications you provide at the time of ordering SDDC. After the rack is ready, it is dispatched to your location. The deployment engineer connects the rack to the network at the designated site.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Services Console at
  2. Launch the VMware Cloud on Dell service.
  3. Click the SDDC name or expand your SDDC and click View Details.
    If you have multiple SDDCs, you can Search Your SDDC.
  4. Click the Order History tab.
    The status of the order is indicated in green as shown in the following figure.

    The following table captures the order statuses and a brief description of what each order status indicates.

    Note: These statuses are applicable after you place the order.
    Order Status Description
    Order Created You have selected the hardware, provided networking information, and successfully placed the order.
    Order Processed Your order has been processed and is in production.
    Order Shipped The hardware is ready and has been shipped to your location.
    Connected The hardware is deployed at your location and connected to VMware Cloud, but activation is pending.
    Live The SDDC is activated and live. You can access the vCenter Server and deploy your workloads.