VMware funds are a VMware-specific payment method that can be used to purchase services or products. Each fund is made of one or several deposits.

When you want to add "money" to your fund, you can work with Sales and purchase a new deposit. A deposit consists of “Credits” which is money you can spend on VMware services and products.

You view details and manage the settings of your linked funds through the Fund Management platform on VMware Connect portal which requires access permissions. For more information, see Overview of My Funds Page, Fund Details Page and Navigation.

To use VMware funds to pay for your cloud services and subscriptions, you must link each fund as a payment method to your VMware Cloud services Organization. Funds can be linked as a default payment method or a one time payment method for Organizations and subscriptions. They can also be used to pay outstanding invoices directly form Cloud Services Console. To cover your Organization's costs with linked funds, they must have a positive balance and enough "money" in them.

Note that to link a fund in Cloud Services Console:
  • You must have an Organization Owner role in the Organization in which you want to link the fund.
  • Only funds that are within your VMware Entitlement account can be associated with your VMware Cloud services Organization.
  • The currency and the selling unit of the fund must match that of the Organization.

If a linked fund used as a default payment method in the Organization is depleted, expires or is orphaned, the fund must be replaced with another fund, known as a survivor fund, or with a different payment method. Orphan funds are empty fund groups that disrupt payment flows and must be replaced immediately.

To allow Organization Owner users to manage their funds in a timely manner, VMware Cloud Services sends email and in-app notifications about the status and changes to the funds in their Organization. For more information, see How do I manage VMware funds in VMware Cloud Services.