As an organization owner, you use VMware funds as a payment method for your VMware Cloud services by linking them to your organization.

VMware funds are a VMware-specific payment method that can be used to purchase services or products. Each fund is associated with a service or product order and is made of one or several deposits. When you want to add "money" to your fund, you can work with Sales and purchase a new deposit. A deposit consists of “Credits” which is money you can spend on VMware services and products.
Important: You can use a fund as a payment method in your organization only if the currency of the fund is the same as the organization's currency, and it belongs to the same selling unit. For more information, see How is my payment currency determined.
You link VMware funds as payment methods to your organization in the Cloud Services Console. You view and manage your linked funds through the MyVMware portal which requires access permissions. Only funds that are within your VMware Entitlement account can be associated with your VMware Cloud services organization. The currency of the fund must be the same as the currency used by your organization.
  • To link a VMware fund in the Cloud Services Console, go to Billing and Subscriptions > Manage Payment Methods . For more information, see How do I manage the payment methods for my organization.
  • To view details for a fund that is already linked as a payment method in your VMware Cloud services organization, click the ellipses icon next to the fund's name and select View Details on MyVMware.
For more information, see Overview of My Funds Page, Fund Details Page and Navigation.