As an organization owner, you invite users to your organization and give them access to the services associated with it. You can also track the invitations you send. Invitations are valid for up to seven days. If you have sent an invitation in error, you can revoke it.

The users you invite can hold several roles:

  • A role within the organization - organization owner or organization member. To see the privileges assigned to each of these roles, see Organization Roles and Permissions.
  • A role within the cloud service to which you are inviting the user. Each cloud service has its own specific roles. For more information, refer to the documentation of the relevant VMware Cloud services.
  • Depending on your customer profile, you might also view the Managed Service Provider role which enables users to query the cloud service APIs for customer usage and data. If you assign this role to users of a tenant organization, they will have access to all the data within the organization.


  1. On the Cloud Services Console toolbar, click the VMware Cloud Services icon and select Identity & Access Management.
  2. Click Add Users.
  3. On the Active Users tab, enter the email address of the user you want to add to your organization.

    You can add more than one user at a time.

  4. In the Role in organization text box, assign the role that the user will use in the organization.
  5. The organization owner role includes access to the Support Center. If you are assigning the role of organization member and you want to give the user access to the Support Center, select the Support User check box.
  6. To give the user access to a service in the organization, click Add service access.
  7. The first service that appears in your list of services is selected. To change the service to another service, click the downward arrow next to the service name, and scroll the list of services in your organization.
  8. Click Add service access again, to give the user access to another service.
  9. Click Add to send an invitation to the user.
    The invitations you send are valid for seven days. You can view the status of the invitation on the Invitations tab.
  10. If you sent an invitation in error, you can revoke it. Select the check box next to the invitation, and click Revoke Invitations.
    The activation link in the email is revoked and the person to whom you sent the mail cannot sign into the service.