When you sign up for VMware Cloud services, you add the payment method that you want to use to cover your organization's costs. This payment method becomes the default payment method for your organization and can be used by all organization owners within the organization.

The default payment method will apply to all your purchases, resources and overages in your organization unless you specify a different payment method for your purchase. You can add new payment methods or change the default payment method for your organization from the Billing and Subscription > Manage Payment Methods tab in the Cloud Services Console.

You may add funds, credit cards or link an unrestricted Pay by Invoice account as payment methods in your organization, but only one of them can be set as default payment method.

When you set up your organization, the address of the organization determines the currency in which you pay for the organization's services. For more information about payment methods and currency, see How is my payment currency determined.

When you subscribe to additional services, purchase add-ons, and apply commitments to your organization, your sales order can determine a different payment method for the subscription or term commitment which applies only to that specific purchase. You may later change the payment method for a subscription. For more information, see How do I Change My Subscription's Payment Method.