As an Organization Owner user, you can change the default payment method for your Organization to Pay by Invoice (PBI) if unrestricted PBI is activated. Enabling unrestricted PBI involves an offline approval process that you initiate by submitting a support request.

Once activated, PBI can be applied as the default payment method for all services and subscriptions across the Organization. You can also apply unrestricted PBI as a payment method for current subscriptions.


  1. On the Cloud Services Console, select Support Center and click Create Support Request.
  2. In the Category text box, select VMware Cloud Services - Billing and Usage.
  3. In the Subject text box, enter Activate Unrestricted PBI.
  4. Enter the support request details, and click Create Support Request.
    A VMware Cloud services representative will contact you about your request. When unrestricted PBI is activated, you will receive a notification.