As an organization owner, you can add new payment methods to your organization. The payment methods defined at the organization's level become available to all organization owners.


  1. Open Cloud Services Console and navigate to Billing & Subscriptions > Manage Payment Methods.
  2. In the Other Payment Methods area of the page, click Add Payment Method.
  3. Select the type of payment method you want to add.
    To Do this
    Link Pay by Invoice Accounts Select one or more of the available Pay by Invoice accounts that you want to add and click Link Accounts.
    Note: You can only add unrestricted PBI accounts as payment methods at the organization level. If the PBI account you want to add is restricted, you must first enable unrestricted PBI by filing a support ticket.
    Link VMware funds Select the VMware fund that you want to add as a payment method, then click Link Funds.
    Add a Credit Card Add the credit card details and click Add Card.
    Note: By clicking Add Card and Make Default, you will change the default payment method for the organization and this will affect all services and subscriptions that use the default payment method.