VMware Cloud Services users with Organization Owner role can view billing and subscription details and manage payment methods for their Organization. Organization Member users with additional Billing Read-Only role can view billing and subscription details for their Organization without the option to manage payment methods.

Each Organization in VMware Cloud Services is associated with a billing account.

You can use VMware Cloud services on demand or by purchasing subscriptions for a term period of 1 or 3 years. The purchase order outlines the capacity, term start and end dates, and negotiated price of the commitments in the subscription. VMware Cloud Services bills you according to the terms laid out in the purchase order.

You receive one monthly invoice or Activity Statement for all costs incurred by the Organization's services purchased through VMware.

If your Organization purchased services from multiple sellers, the Billing and Subscriptions page displays information for all sellers. However, incurred costs and service charges information for the services purchased through non-VMware sellers is not available through the Cloud Services Console. Contact the seller to obtain this information.