As an organization owner, you can view current accrued costs and charges for the past month for all the services in your organization.

View your billing information by selecting Billing & Subscriptions on the Cloud Services Console.

The billing information for your organization is divided into two sections - Current Costs and Last Billing Statement.

The Current Costs section reflects the costs of your services at any given time. For example, hourly usage of private clouds per CPU. These are accrued costs, and reflect usage for services from the beginning of a defined period, up until and including the day you view them. This information is refreshed daily.

The Current Costs section also provides information about discounts about any discounts you might have received from the VMware Discount program.

In the Last Billing Statement section, you can view itemized charges accrued over the previous month of service, and a print a report. The billing cycle is determined by the date the first service was set up in the organization. For example, if an organization owner onboarded the first service of the organization on the 15th of the month, the billing cycle for all the services in the organization runs from the 15th of one month to the 15th of the next.

There might be cases where a cloud service estimates current cost usage for certain items on a different date to that of the start of your billing cycle. In this case, there might be a time lag between when the usage occurs and when it shows up on your bill. For more information about how cloud services estimate their current costs, see How Are My Current Costs Estimated.

To view and print any of your last 15 billing statements, on-demand invoices and yearly commitment invoices, click the Invoices & Statements tab, see View Invoices and Statements.