If you have promotional credits for any of your VMware Cloud services, you can apply them to one of your organizations, and redeem them against the organization's monthly costs.

Promotional credits can be service-specific - meaning that you can use them against the monthly costs of a specific service - specific to a group of services, or apply to all services. Make sure that you note the expiration date of the credit, and redeem it before it expires.

Promotional credits can be redeemed against any of the VMware Cloud services-supported currencies. There may be times when a promotional credit is activated for you as you onboard a particular service.


  1. On the Cloud Services Console, click Billing & Subscriptions > Promotional Credits.
  2. Select the credit that you want to use, and click Activate.

    The credit is redeemed during the next billing period. You can check the balance of the promotional credit at any time.