Your billing account determines the payment methods available to your Organization. You may use funds, credit cards or link an unrestricted Pay by Invoice account.

To use one of your VMware funds to cover your Organization's costs, you link them to your Organization, and set one of them as your default payment method. In this way, you can use the same fund across all your Organizations. You can use any fund if it is within the VMware Entitlement account associated with VMware Cloud services, and in the same currency that is used by the Organization. For more information, see How to pay with funds.
Credit cards
You can use a credit card to pay for your services unless there are no limitations to credit card use for your country. For more information, see What are the limitations for using credit cards as a payment method.
If the payment currency of your Organization is different than the card currency, you might incur foreign transaction fees from your credit card provider. For more information, see Pay by Credit Card.
Pay by Invoice Account
If a sales order for a new service is associated with a Pay by Invoice (PBI) account, it appears as a payment method during service onboarding. In this case, the PBI payment method is restricted and can be applied only to the subscriptions included in the sales order but cannot be added as a default payment method to the Organization.
If you want to use a PBI account as the default payment method to cover any purchases, resources and overages accrued by your Organization, you must activate unrestricted PBI for payment authorization for all services in your Organization. Enabling unrestricted PBI involves an offline approval process that you initiate by submitting a support request. For more information, see Pay by Invoice.

You can add as many payment methods to your Organization as you like, but only one of them can be set as a default payment method.