Some VMware Cloud services require the use of additional software binaries that you download and install separately from the service.

You download additional software by clicking Downloads on Cloud Services Console menu. This option is available for the following roles in the Organization:
  • Organization Owner;
  • Organization Administrator with Software installer role.
  • Organization Member with Software installer role.

The Downloads page is your one-stop place for obtaining the software binaries you need for all services in the Organization for which you have service access and at the same time offer additional software for download.

If... Do this...
If you don't see the Downloads menu link Request an Organization Owner or Software Installer role in the Organization.

Depending on your Organization, you do that either through invitation from an Organization Owner or by submitting a self service request. For more information, see How do I request additional roles.

If you can open the Downloads page, but don't see the service for which you need to download additional software Request roles for the service. For more information, see How do I manage my roles in an Organization.
Note: If you have service roles assigned in the Organization, but still don't see any software binaries to download for that service, this means there are no binaries or packages associated with the service in VMware Cloud Services
If you are a member of several VMware Cloud Services Organizations Switch to the Organization in which you have Organization and service roles that allow you to access the software binaries you need to download. For more information, see How do I access another one of my Organizations.