As an organization owner, you can determine the domains allowed to access your VMware Cloud Services organization.

When Source Domain authentication policy is activated, only users from the domains you specify can access your organization. Access from all other domains is locked even if the groups and users are added or invited in your organization.


  1. Log in to Cloud Services Console and click Organization > Authentication Policy.
  2. Click the Source Domain tab.
  3. Add domains and sub-domains that you want to allow access to your organization.
  4. Click Save.
  5. To lock access from all other domains, click the slider so that its color changes to green
  6. Click Save.


Source Domain is now activated for your organization. Only organization members from the domains and sub-domains you specified in Step 3 can access your organization. Access for users logging in from a different domain is locked.

If you or another organization owner accidentally locks you out from accessing the organization by not including your domain to the list of source domains that are allowed access to the organization, open a help support ticket.