Welcome to our VMware Cloud services in-product support experience. Here you can view contextual help content to help you perform your tasks, search for answers to your questions, and for those times when you want to chat, contact a member of our customer support team.

Our support experience is constantly evolving with new features being rolled out for all our cloud services. Currently, you might view some or all the following features in your Support panel.


  1. Open the Support panel by clicking the Question icon on the menu, or the Support tab on the right side of the pane.
  2. Access the level of support you require.
    The Support panel provides contextual help content and a powerful search to enable you to search for more content and answer questions - all without contacting support. For those times when you want to chat with a customer support representative, you can continue to interact with your cloud service while chatting.
    Access this support feature... To help you...

    1. Intelligent search.

    Search our content to find answers to your question. We search through our documentation, specially written help topics, communities, and knowledge-based articles.
    2. Page-relevant content. Perform your tasks. When you open the Support panel, you see page-related help topics that contain just enough information to assist you with your tasks. As you work your way through your tasks, and move from page to page, the help content changes accordingly. This list of content also displays your search results. Search results include more help topics, Knowledge Based articles, content from our Documentation Center, and content from our communities.

    If you don't find what you're looking for, click View more in VMware Docs to perform a search related to the page you are viewing, or if you have typed a search item, related to the search item. Your results are displayed in our Documentation Center.

    3. Chat with VMware Support. Contact our support engineers and customer support representatives. You can continue to interact with VMware Cloud Services while chatting with our customer support engineers. Customer support engineers can also help you open a support request.
    4. Support requests. Create and manage support requests.
    5. Ask the Community. Engage and pose questions to actively moderated communities backed by passionate VMware support engineers and experts around the globe.
    6. Service Health. Review the live status of your VMware Cloud services, and receive important service notifications.
  3. To manage your support requests, open a new support request and even search for answers to your questions, access the Support Center from the Cloud Services Console.
    You must have a support role to access the Support Center. To get the required permissions to open and manage support tickets for your organization, contact your organization owner.
    You might need additional service-related information before you open a support request. For example, in VMC on AWS you might require the support information for your SDDC.

    When you manage your support requests, you do so within the context of your currently active organization. If you belong to several organizations, make sure that the organization for which you want to manage the request is your active organization. See, how to switch to another organization.