As an organization owner, you can view and print the last 15 activity statements, on-demand invoices, and yearly commitment invoices.

View your statements and invoices by selecting Billing & Subscriptions > Invoices and Statements on the Cloud Services Console.

Your Activit Statements

The Activity Statements page displays monthly summaries for all services consumed in a given billing period. Each activity statement provides a summary of payments made against charges, promotional credits, and balances. You view and download activity statements by clicking on its link, or by selecting an option from the vertical ellipsis icon next to it.

Your Invoices

To access your invoices, click the Invoices tab on the Invoices & Statements page.
  • The On-demand Invoices section of the page lists billing costs for on-demand subscriptions.
  • The Term Commitment Invoices section lists the invoices for your subscription's term commitments.

You download an invoice by clicking on its link, or by selecting Download from the vertical ellipsis icon () menu next to it.